Meet me at the intersection of the streets and therapy

Pallah – LMSW, Therapist, and Hood Scholar

A native of Seattle and now Southeast Texas resident, Pallah is a graduate of North Seattle College with an Associate of Arts in General Studies and Central Washington University with a B.A. in Law and Justice and a minor in Psychology. Her goal was to be a criminal defense attorney but passions can be disrupted. She attended the Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs for a year studying government, nonprofit management, and public policy at the masters level. During this brief stint, she realized her passion was more micro-based in human behavior and the allied fields of anthropology, psychology, sociology, and social work. As a licensed master social worker and therapist, she is now on a mission to become an LCSW.

“Sometimes we have to do the work even though we don’t yet see a glimmer on the horizon that it’s actually going to be possible.”

Angela Y. Davis

With interests in financial and intragenerational trauma, critical race theory, workplace microaggressions, and Post-traumatic Slave Syndrome, Pallah hopes to heal and humanism individuals despite their circumstances or choices in life. It is important to ingrain the habit of maintaining our mental wellness among Black girls and womyn as well as severely marginalized and oppressed groups.

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Pallah is no stranger to the street life, violence, substance misuse, poverty, and all the unhealthy trauma that makes you resilient beyond your wildest dreams. She has been an at-risk truant, a homeless teenager, a high school drop-out, a TANF recipient, a college drop-out, and a career professional battling depression and mania from workplace microaggressions and racism. One reason for creating this space is to inspire, educate, and bring light to others facing similar situations in terms of mental health, family struggles, and career tug-a-war – it ain’t just you, ok!

Raise your voice in the face of injustice…

Pallah knows first hand how social constructs, systemic, and systematic agendas are structured against those without privilege or that fail to be born with the proper complexion for the connection. As a graduate candidate at Boston University School of Social Work with a focus on clinical social work, Pallah is ensuring she is equipped to promote the importance of mental health and break generational curses that suggest healing and therapy are taboo.

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