Housekeeping & Trigger Warnings


A few housekeeping regarding the Pallah.Co and the Self-Equity blog posts:

1. Posts will be open to share stories and provide feedback. The site, blog and I are a work in progress, and mental health is a sensitive topic to some – let’s keep it positive and fruitful. Debating can be healthy and meaningful without being hurtful. There are 80-11 million sites where you can go slander, be mean and hate – this ain’t it. All such comments will be deleted. I don’t like to police people and we need to learn to fill up space without implicit bias and hate. Pallah.Co has the right to discontinue, remove and report comments that may result in immediate harm, seem hurtful and exploit children in any form or fashion.

2. You don’t have to agree with me, my views or others but I ask you RESPECT my voice as I will do the same. Use emojis if you need to set the tone. If you’re joking say it right away. If you’re triggered, let us know. See Disclaimers.

3. I know trigger warnings are the new thing but for some of us, they DO NOT WORK. I REPEAT TRIGGER WARNINGS CAN CAUSE TRIGGERS. I know the GOAL IS TO BREAK STIMGAS so you can always email me if you just want to get things off your chest or feel your feelings are not respected. BUT PLEASE SEEK IMMEDIATE HELP if that is the case. See Disclaimers.