BIPOC and other marginalized individuals need to have the audacity to partake in optimum and radical self-care. Having access to basic resources is critical to healing. Download Pallah.Co’s Free Self-Care Journal to start maximizing your self-care. This journal is downloadable and fill-in ready or can be printed by selecting what pages you want. The best thing is it can be reused over and over. My gift to you for just being here. Please share this resource with your tribe.

This site is not a substitute for professional therapy.

Investing in our mental wellness requires skills and resources.

Locate a Therapist

These site are well-known for seeking out culturally competent therapists.

Therapy for Black Girls

Is That Therapist Licensed?

Association of Social Worker Board list for locating a licensed therapist. Some states link all professional licenses on one site.

Mental Health Based Resources
Social Work Resources

National Association of Black Social Workers

National Association of Social Workers

This page is an ever-changing, work-in-progress and will be updated as frequently as possible.

As with any resources and professional treatment – please due your due diligence.

*Due to COVID-19 some states are experiencing backlogs for licensures. Pallah.Co holds no responsibilities for any information provided on third-party sites.